Dainty Cocktails Ltd is equipped with a training academy where young and aspiring drink caterers can pursue their unique dreams. Our academy, over the years has produced first-class drink caterers because we go the extra mile in training our pupils. All our training programs are practical oriented and you will be taught on the serving etiquette required for each type of cocktail.

   Learn at your own pace by participating in our weekend training sessions
   Learn cocktail serving skill & etiquette
   Watch drinks caterers with over 10 years experience prepare unique cocktail recipes
   Enjoy conducive learning environments
   Get a Diploma in Drinks Catering from Dainty Cocktails Ltd

   Learn how to prepare over 75 different cocktail varieties
   Learn numerous secrets in cocktail preparation
   Enjoy detailed notes and practical write-ups on numerous cocktail recipes
   Get an Advanced Diploma in Drinks Catering from Dainty Cocktails Ltd
   Participate in our events to acquire much needed on-field experience

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