Nigeria is lucky to be blessed with such a personality in the drinks catering industry. Denrele Adesina is a thorough personality, she leaves no stone unturned. this she has imbibed into her company. So if you ever need a company to handle your cocktaiils and drinks at your next event then look no further but at dainty Cocktails Ltd.

ADENIYI, Adedayo

Dainty Cocktails Ltd are simply fantastic. They handled both my wedding and engagement back in 2011 and I was so impressed. They were punctual to the venue at Lagos Island, Nigeria. Their cocktail drinks were splendid and I think they even delivered a few more glasses more than my order. You should give them a try....really you should. they are great.


DAINTY COCKTAILS LTD were recommended to me by a Colleague of mine in Nigeria. She went on-and-on on how well their cocktails tasted. Well, I gave them a try with a order of about 500 glasses for my wedding and I can say the rest is history......#smiling#. They are indeed splendid. Their Service staffs were very respectful, diligent and well-dressed. I loved the fact that they knew how to go about their jobs and you could see that they were well coordinated.


My wedding was to hold in Abuja (2012). I searched and searched for a company that could confidently handle my cocktail orders. I really did search and try to get someone nearby but really I was never impressed with both their prices and the way they intended to handle it. Luckily, a friend of mine in Lagos introduced me to DAINTY COCKTAILS LTD. I recall speaking to Denrele and that was it. My mind was made up, she was going to handle cocktails for my wedding. To cut the long story short, they made an order of about 1000 glasses look so easy and smooth despite the fact that there were not based in Abuja. I am going to keep recommending them to anyone I know. They are great.

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