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Dainty Cocktails Limited is an indigenous "all-inclusive" drinks service outfit with the sole aim to provide excellent drinks, cocktails and
 services for all social and corporate occasions. Dainty Cocktails Limited has been in this service since 2008 where we have nurtured it
 through numerous growth phases. Now we are at our peak with over 500 social and corporate events in our port folio, numerous
 testimonials and appraisals to keep our flame burning and a challenging work team. We have created our niche in offering you
 numerous variety of popular cocktail drinks and in providing you with some appetizing cocktail recipes.

 Our effect on any event does not go below being exceptional. This is because our cocktails have been known to add a rich color-blend
 to your immediate environment. We also dress our service teams usually well -dresssed  in rich color combinations that befit any
 corporate or social event's setting. We strongly believe that every event should have a cocktail served. We have a wide range of
 cocktail selection that would befit "what event you have planned." Our testimonials and past records are evidences to show that you
 should give us the opportunity to cater to your cocktail needs in your upcoming event. You sure would not regret this choice.

   Unique Varieties: We have a mission to provide you with a wide variety of cocktails and drinks for you to make your choices from. We know that there are numerous varieties out there, that is why we put members of our team through several trainings yearly in order to master new cocktail recipes. Be rest assured, your choice is with in our collection.

   Distinct Service Delivery: We strive to to deliver our services to you promptly and in the best possible way. We have a dedicated human resources department that has imbibed all our staffs with the etiquette of service delivery. We want our clients to know that our services extends beyond delivery and serving. We make our best efforts to make our clients feel fulfilled by following all their stipulated policies and orders.

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   To become a worldwide brand known distinctly for its unique cocktail and drink varieties.

   To discover newer recipes for cocktail drinks that are acceptable worldwide.

Dainty Cocktails Limited shares the unique vision of becoming the No.1 company in Nigeria when it comes to catering for your cocktails and drinks needs. We are a company built with a strong workforce team with numerous years of experience in drink catering, restaurant services and event management.

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